Aviation Systems

Tools mainly for use with flight simulators

Please report out-of-date or broken systems here.

Charts Worldwide

Links to free charts/AIP worldwide whenever possible. Have started to add VFR charts and information as well.

Flight Planning Tools

Resources for flight planning, oceanic procedures, understanding charts and more

Payload Planner

Calculate your total payload based on number of passengers etc.

Acronyms & Abbreviations

Long list of aviation acronyms & abbreviations

NAT Tracks

Current NAT tracks in a parsed format

Top Airports on VATSIM

Most visited airports on VATSIM right now — see also map of VFR flights (KML) and helicopters


Overview of VATSIM events gathered from several divisions

Flight Simulator 2020 (FS20) specific

Default Keyboard Commands

All default keyboard shortcuts, sorted by section or binding. Option to export to CSV/Excel

FSUIPC Offset Status

For now this is just a web version of the offset status document from FSUIPC documentation.


Checklists for some of the aircraft

Aircraft with performance specs, checklists, and pictures

The list of aircraft in the 3 different versions of the new flight simulator - with performance specs, checklists, and pictures

Flight Simulator X (FSX) specific

Default Keyboard Commands

All keyboard shortcuts ordered by key - to easily find available keys!

Water Runways

Listing all water runways in FSX.


FSX control/event numbers for all functions in the aircraft.

EZdok Important Notes

Important things to know about the EZdok Camera Addon mentioned below.

vasFMC - Adding waypoints

Adding waypoints to navdata/waypoints.txt

TileProxy Information

Usable services and latest map versions

Recommended Software


Customize your joystick buttons, HID controller, and VRInsight MCP-Combo panel to your heart's content! (for FSX, FS20)

HIDMacros (or now LuaMacros) FREEWARE

Use multiple keyboards each having separate functions! I prefer this over buying expensive hardware since you still get the "one-place-one-function" concept which is a key point in obtaining realism!


Control many more things in FS. Free version as well but the registered version is a must if you want to customize keys and buttons and much more! (for FSX, FS20)


Read/write FSUIPC offsets, flightsim controls, L:vars, H:vars and more using WebSockets - which is directly supported by all modern browsers. Web programmers can now easily talk to the flight simulator and build what they need.

Archive for FSX


Use photo-terrain textures in your flight simulator, downloaded real-time from map services. Probably doesn't work anymore.


EZdok Camera Addon (EZCA) replaces the views system in FSX. Even though it feels a bit unpolished it's a good program and increases realism a lot! You suddenly feel like you are sitting in an aircraft because you can move around freely. But read these notes!

Other stuff

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